Starting your Own Successful Accountancy Firm

If you are thinking that the time has come for you to bid farewell to working for someone and become your own boss, you have a lot of hard, but rewarding work ahead of you. The benefit of being an accountant is that you are providing a service that is always needed, and if you have identified a niche in the market and are good at what you do, it shouldn’t take you too long to build up your own client base.

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When you are starting up on your own, you will have the freedom and the responsibility of making decisions that you haven’t had to make when working for someone else – from whether you need more staff to which software for financial advisors such as this it can sometimes feel a little daunting having to make these kinds of decisions.


Before you begin you will want to spend some time on your business plan – creating projections of profits, as well as doing your research on any competition and what your accountancy firm will offer that is different and better is something that will not just help you, but will also help anyone who has an interest in the company.

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For example, if you need to secure a loan from a bank to help with the initial start-up costs, they will want to see a business plan as evidence that you have thought about your business, researched it and planned well.