Why you should consider leasing a printer

If you run your own business you might find that you are often having to order ink for your printer, especially if you have a high volume of items being printed each day. Once you add the initial cost of the printer to the monthly cost of your ink, the amount can start to become eye wateringly large. However, there is another way.

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Leasing a printer can be good for your company and for your bank balance and here are some of the reasons why.


New equipment – because you are leasing the equipment from a Sharp Printer lease company you can have newer equipment than you might otherwise be able to afford. You can also opt into having new printers after your initial lease period has ended. A bit like getting a new car every two years!

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No large outlay – there is no large sum of money needed at the start of the lease so you don’t have to save into a capital fund. Most leases will work on the amount of pages that you are printing and you will pay a set amount each month for the term of your contract. This also helps you with your business financial planning as you will have a fixed monthly cost – unless you go above your printing limit.


Consumables delivered – when your printer gets close to running out of ink or toner your chosen company will deliver a new one to you. This is often done automatically as they can trace the amount of pages that you have printed and know when your printer is likely to start running out.