Why Local SEO Will Get More Customers Through Your Door

If you’re a local business with a geographic presence, then local SEO can help to get more customers through your door. There are various actions that you can take, which include the following.

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Register Your Business with Google My Business

It’s important to make sure your business premises are registered with Google so that customers can find you on Google maps, see important location information and read reviews. This is becoming a prominent feature on the search engine’s ranking systems, and it’s easy for businesses to register themselves with Google to take advantage. You simply complete an online form and Google will send a verification code to your business premises so that you can confirm your registered location and complete the process. Find out more at https://www.google.co.uk/business/.

Optimise Your Website

There are various actions that you can take to optimise your website, such as using localised keywords to help Google to rank your website for geography. Add citations and links to other local websites and link to local PR and reviews. Regularly check your analytics to see what’s working and what needs improving. Local link building is highly valuable for SEO purposes, and you should aim to create inbound and outbound links, working with other businesses and partners to agree on reciprocal linking opportunities where necessary.

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It can be well worth using a white label SEO services agency such as http://digi-tel.co.uk/gloucestershire-seo-services/white-label-seo-services to help you with this work, as SEO changes all of the time. For smaller businesses, especially those without an in-house SEO resource, the use of an agency provides access to cutting-edge expertise on a flexible basis.

Reputation Management

A PR agency can help you with a reputation management strategy that helps your business to enjoy the benefits of good PR and a local reputation, both offline and online. Customer reviews are a key part of this strategy, and it’s important to incorporate a review system into your website and on social media. Of course, once you have built the function into your site, you must also then ensure that your customers are kept happy with a great service. Reply to questions and comments, thanking customers or offering to solve any problems. This shows that you take customer service seriously and will give prospective clients trust in your business offer.