Interior Designers Love These Office Colours

Endless books and articles have been written on how to improve workplace productivity, but perhaps all you really need is just a few tins of paint and a paint brush.

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The environment in which you work has a huge effect on employee creativity, focus and energy.

However, many people simply don’t have the time to research colour psychology. That’s why we have done the research for you and listed the office paint colours that interior designers recommend to promote a productive workplace.

Gentleman Grey

Moody and dark colours work especially well behind glass doors. Choose a blue/black, watery shade that has hints of teal in rooms with plenty of natural light.

Colours that you cannot quite distinguish keep you thinking, making them ideal for an office.

Light grey transforms the lacklustre and drab and will keep the office bright and light. For the best results, invigorate your employees with a bright and fresh colour accent wall.

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Office fit out companies will be able to advise on the best shade for your office space.

Dark Green

In a satin or matte finish, a deep, dark green brings a dramatic mood into your office space.

A true Renaissance shade, the saturated, rich pigments respond beautifully to any type of light. Once painted, these shades emerge much more vivid than the colour card indicates.

Thanks to its alluring complexity, dark green is perfect for home offices, and it works well surrounded by natural stone shades, rustic wood or warm white.

As the colour of life, growth and renewal, offices painted in green promote harmony, reassurance, safety, balance, productivity and calmness.

Consult with Office fit out companies to find the perfect shade that meets your requirements.

Simple White

Clean and crisp white offers the perfect palette for work spaces. White is calming while also being fresh to keep your employees energised.

Crisp and serene, bright white allows you to begin the day with a clear mind and clean slate while providing the perfect backdrop for you to change little details to suit your taste.

A new space can be created with little effort each time.

Charming Violet

The colour of your office will affect your employees’ mood and influence their feelings.

Colours such as violet will keep them motivated, positive and happy, changing their outlook in a confident and positive way.