Top Home Back Workout Lifting Exercises

There are plenty of advantages to training the back, from increased injury prevention, to assisting you to pull down more weight in any lifts, to building the coveted V-shaped. That is why we have put together a quick guide to the top back exercises. It is important to ensure that you are strengthening your back if you find that you’re sitting for long periods of the day and it is also crucial to use an Operator Chair such as the ones from Bestbuy Office Chairs to help support your back during the working day.

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These are easy lifts that any back training program is missing out on. These are the exercises that will really show off your solid foundation and allow you to make progress in your chest and triceps.

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The first set of exercises we are going to focus on are deadlifts and squats. When I say deadlifts I mean pull ups that use a bar or something similar to it as your support. I personally like doing deadlifts because they are very effective at increasing body weight, which helps build a stronger back. The second exercise that we will cover is squats, these are also effective because they increase body weight and improve our athletic performance.

The third set of exercises we will cover are lat pulldowns and extensions. What lat pulldown does is get your bicep muscles working, and that in turn helps to develop bigger arms. Lastly, an extension drill is used to extend the arms, and again, this helps to build larger arms and biceps. These are the main exercises, but there are other exercises that can help you build a better back.