What to know before becoming a vegan?

Whilst the health and environmental benefits are wee founded, getting started with veganism can feel a little daunting. Should you go all in straightaway or start slowly?

Ultimately, it all depends on what’s going to work best for you and your family and how sustainable it will be for your lifestyle. Some advise a gentle easing into a vegan lifestyle, such as swapping some items in your fridge in steps, starting with changing the milk and then swapping another item, like yoghurts.

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Try to prepare yourself for the possible digs and jibes from meat-eating friends and family. Smile patiently and answer their questions with the confidence that you feel in your decision. Be kind and cook something delicious for them – you might even change their minds!

What about protein? Nobody ever cares about protein until you tell them you’re a vegan! Protein deficiency is rare, and you can get plenty from seeds, nuts, pulses and beans. Great sources of protein include peanut butter, soya, lentils and pumpkin seeds, for example. For more details on a vegan bodybuilding diet, visit a site like https://www.vivolife.com/blogs/recipes/11-unusual-and-delicious-vegan-bodybuilding-recipes

Ensure that you continue to get enough vitamin B12 which a vitamin commonly found in fish, eggs and meat. A supplement can be found in most major stores and fortified foods are another good option.

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What if you crave meat? Breaking a habit of decades is never easy and you might feel temptation at a barbecue or when you smell someone cooking a bacon sandwich. Fortunately, there are some delicious vegan foods that replicate the texture and smell of meat really well.