Why it is so Important to Learn First Aid

One of the most important skills in life that everyone should have is first aid. When you have a good knowledge of even basic first aid, you could well have the ability to be able to save a life. For example, if you are at a large event and somebody collapses near you, if you know what to do you could keep them alive until the paramedics get there.

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Many large events do have event medical cover such as OMS, but when speed is of the essence it may be that it falls to the person nearest the casualty to administer first aid.


It is not only at events that first aid is an essential skill. Almost every situation in life may require someone to need urgent medical assistance, and many times a good first aider can mean the difference between life and death.


Whether you are out eating at a restaurant and somebody starts to choke, or if you are out shopping and see an elderly person trip and fall. Having a knowledge of first aid means that you would not only know how to react to these incidents, but also means that you could well save that person’s life.

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It is not only adults who can save lives either – a couple of years ago, the story of how a nine year old boy kept his cool and used the first aid skills he had learned to save the life of his father who was choking, showed us how important learning this vital skill is to everyone.