Benefits of using concrete

Concrete is a material that is used across the world, with over 20 billion tons of it being consumed. China uses over half of this total amount in its building and road construction projects. There are lots of reasons that people choose this material and why companies like who are a Concrete Tewkesbury company, spend all day delivering this material to people and businesses.

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Here are some of the benefits of using concrete:

  • The ingredients of concrete -(aggregates such as sand) are readily available and relatively cheap to buy, which makes concrete cheaper than other materials to source, and there is always a supply of it available.
  • Concrete can be created to whatever strength is needed. By adding more or less water and varying amounts of aggregates, it is possible to alter the strength of the concrete. This is particularly important when using it for the construction of buildings.

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  • As a liquid, concrete can be poured into almost any shaped mould that you can think of. This means it is incredibly useful for intricate work and for creating an unimaginable number of shapes.
  • Concrete is not a combustible material which means that buildings that are created from this material become fire-safe.
  • Concrete, unlike wood, is not affected by fluctuating temperatures, so it results in fewer issues occurring with buildings expanding and contracting in the heat.
  • As well as being unaffected by heat, concrete can also withstand high winds and storms, which is one of the reasons it is a popular choice in countries like China and the US.