Decorative mirrors for your home

A mirror, in addition to fulfilling a basic function that is to be able to look at yourself to see what face you have, has a double function within homes: that of decorating.

In different ways, sizes and even colors in the market we find different options, so it will be easy to get one of your likes. So that you do not get lost in the election we tell you some proposals:

– Rectangular shape: With a wide or narrow frame, carefully placed on the floor they have been one of the protagonists of the most minimalist trends.

– Round shape: Highlights the bull’s-eye models and some with the frame made of leather. We can also find them with details like arabesques. The materials are varied, being able to be metallic or with the frame also made of mirror.

– Beveled: They lack a frame proper and have a kind of frame made in the mirror itself. Very used in bathrooms or toilets. Also valid for dressing rooms or passage areas.

– Oval shape: Ideal for narrower spaces where rounds do not fit. They have been very common those who had the gold or gold leaf frame, a trend that is lately recovering for various accessories in the home.

– Composition made with mirrors: It is the case of the photo in which small mirrors have been arranged in a circle forming a spectacular result. The only downside that I see is that you can not make a real idea of ​​the image you project, since you will see, but, particularly, I could dispense with this vision in favor of such an original and unique decoration in my living room.

What do you think? What type of mirror fits best with the decoration of your home? Could you live without having one?