Everything you need to know about central heating pump problems

Central heating pumps are the pumps that force water throughout your central heating system. They pump hot water from the boiler into the radiators in your home and then back to the boiler again.

The water that comes out of the boiler is hot and heats the radiators, which then heat the atmosphere around them. As this happens, the water cools and then goes back into the boiler, where it is heated and then recirculated into the radiators.

Common Problems

The housing of the pump is hot. This is normally a good sign that the pump needs to be replaced. Pumps should be warm.
A rattling or humming noise is coming from the pump. This could mean that the pump is loose. You should check the mounting, securing any screws that are loose.
There’s a grating or knocking noise. This is another good indication that something isn’t right; you may need to replace the pump.

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Only some radiators are heating. For example, if only the upstairs radiators are working, it may mean that you need to turn the pressure up. Alternatively, it could be that the pump is not powerful enough and is on its way out.  Noises are coming from the central heating. This could be due to air in the pump, which will need bleeding.
Water is being heated, but the central heating isn’t working. This is often an issue when the central heating hasn’t been used for a while. This can be remedied by giving the pump a gentle tap to free up a sticking valve or pump.
The pump is silent and seems like it isn’t working. Is the pump switched on? Is there a fuse near the pump that has tripped?
The pump switches on and then off again. This could be down to a faulty thermostat.
The pump keeps breaking down. This could be due to a blockage caused by debris.

Call in the experts

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If you are still unable to find a solution, call in professionals like Boiler Repair Cheltenham based www.blu-fish.co.uk/gas-heating-services-cheltenham/boiler-repair-cheltenham/ If you do decide not to enlist boiler installation Bristol experts to carry out any repairs yourself, make sure that the central heating is turned off.  Turn off the electricity supply to the pump, and always be prepared for water spills.