When plaster becomes damaged what can you do?

Before you begin any painting or any decorating job it is a good idea to check that the plaster on your wall is up to scratch. The plaster is the canvas that you will be painting your masterpiece on. Whatever you have planned, whether it is a simple wash of magnolia to a full on set of William Morris wallpaper, if the plaster is suspect then you might as well not bother.

Plaster is a mixture of a variety of substances. These include gypsum, cement and lime for starters. This gives you a creamy kind of texture that you can smooth onto a wall. It will do two things. Firstly, it will cover up the brickwork so that you do not have a rough wall. This will give you something for your paint or wallpaper to be applied to.

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Once the stuff is on the walls it should begin to set rock hard. It gives you a wall of skin and you should do this too. Rather than paint or wallpaper onto bare plaster it is an idea to paint it a pale neutral shade such as grey or white first.