Getting the Right Home Extension for your Needs

If you are looking forward to welcoming a new addition to your home, are needing some extra space to work from, or simply need more storage then you may be tempted to look at moving to a larger home. But if you are happy in the home you are in but just need more space, why not consider the idea of building an extension?

Extending your property can be done in many ways, and it saves a lot of the stress of moving house. After all, if you are happy with everything apart from the size of your home you could be taking a big risk by deciding to move.

Before you embark on building an extension, it is a good idea to do plenty of research to ensure that you end up with the extension that is right for you. Have a look at properties similar to yours that have been extended to get some inspiration, speak to architects and find local building companies who can advise you and provide you with a quote for the job, such as building companies Manchester and of course, make sure you look into planning permission and planning regulations, and get your plans approved before you embark on any building work!

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There are many ways that you can extend your current home – these include…

Loft Conversion – This is a popular way to gain extra bedrooms or a space to work from.  A loft can be converted to give lots of additional living space, and there are many variations of loft conversion around, so you will be able to see what works best for you and your home.

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Double Storey Extension – If you want to gain a lot of additional space on both floors of your home this is the way to do it. A double storey extension offers a wide range of possibilities, such as an extra reception room or dining room downstairs, and an additional bedroom or bathroom upstairs. Or it can extend the rooms that you already have.

Garage Conversion – If you have not got much use for your garage but would benefit from having the extra living space, then look into garage conversions. If you have a garage adjoining your property, this could be a great way to create more space without having to build out into the garden.