How to Replace a Gas Meter Door?

The gas meter door is placed in front of the gas meter to protect against corrosion and resistive elements. You can replace the gas meter door when

  • Breakage occurs
  • Weathering occurs

You can use the latest design of the gas meter door for beautification. The beginners face a problem when they have to change the gas meter door. Different steps should be kept in mind during the replacement of the door. Let’s discuss this topic briefly.

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Measuring door

You should measure the size of the door before ordering a new one. The correct measurement can save you from future worries. The latest door should be according to accurate measurement of the meter. Open the door and measure the size from inside. Take care of the pin hinges during the measurement. For the right Gas Meter box for your needs, visit Meterbox

Tools for the gas meter door

You don’t need to purchase new tools for the replacement. Ordinary tools can be easily used for the separation. The door can easily replace by using recommended pins. Frame with pre-drilled holes also available for immediate activity.

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How to fit gas meter door?

  • Measure the correct size of your old gas meter door
  • Purchase the latest door according to the exact size
  • The left or right side of your new door frame should have pre-drilled holes for the insertion of pins.
  • Place the door and use the steel pins in pre-drilled holes
  • Fix the door strongly
  • Insert the pins by pressing the brass pins strongly.
  • Check the door
  • Open the door
  • Lock the door