Looking after your garden in the Autumn

Autumn is the time when we start to prepare our gardens for the colder winter months and for many this will include some of the following tasks.

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  • Grass cutting – giving your grass one last cut before the frost starts to set in, puts it in the best position to deal with the winter weather. It is also important to ensure that you clear any debris and leaves away from your lawn and grass areas as this can in some cases cause the grass to dieback underneath it. You may have to then reseed these areas in the Springtime to bring your grass back to a luscious state.


  • Pruning – this is a great time to prune back your trees and shrubs and enlist the services of a Tree Surgeon Gloucester way to help with this. Autumn is a good time to do this as the trees will have already flowered and spread their seeds and the leaves will start dropping. It is also good to get this completed before the windy weather starts to hit to help protect the tree and the surrounding area.

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  • Deadheading – any perennial plants that you have may need deadheading so that they look a little tidier and to give the plant the best chance to conserve energy without inviting pests and diseases to take a hold of the decomposing flower heads.


Carrying out all these takes before the winter frost settles in gives you garden time to settle and conserve itself ready for bursting back into life in Spring.