What to think of when buying curtains

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Buying curtains can sometimes feel like talking a different language, but these types of window coverages can help to accent a room and can add a bright feel to your living space as well as adding a cosy feeling to your bedroom. A Tewkesbury Curtains will be able to offer you some incredible styles from plain colours right through to bold prints and patterns that you might also want to replicate in your soft furnishings.


Here are some of the things that you should think about when looking at curtains.

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Size – when measuring up for your curtains it is important that you measure the width and the drop. The drop is the measurement from your curtain rail or rod down to where you would like your curtains to end. For some people this will be a couple of inches below their window sill and for others this may be floor length. For the width you should look at the size of your window and then work out how ruffled you like your curtains to be when they are closed. It is important to remember that you will b e buying two curtains at your chosen width and you should take this into account when measuring for the correct size.


Material – the location of your curtains will determine the material that you choose. If you are looking for living room curtains you might go for something thicker and more luscious to look at, whereas in the bedrooms you might opt for something more lightweight but with a black out backing.