Sprucing Up The Bathroom: Suggestions For A Make Over

The bathroom is usually a small room which is used frequently. Although decorating it would not be a time consuming task, keeping the decor smart is often overlooked in favour of other, more public rooms.

Starting Small
Improving bathrooms can be simply a matter of redecorating the walls and ceiling, either by repainting or replacing wallpaper. Even such a simple task can make the room seem fresher, brighter and bigger. Still keeping the budget fairly minimal there are other improvements which can be made. For example, the blinds or curtains can be replaced, along with mirrors and pictures. This can be a way of giving a new look without spending too much money. A white bathroom with a minimalist feel could be painted in rich deep colours and gilt edged mirrors and pictures hung on the walls, or the white could be refreshed and gingham curtains hung at the windows, wicker baskets to display toiletries placed on shelves and picturesof country scenes hung on the walls. A plain tiled floor could be covered with a luxurious rug. A bathroom is a good place to display items such as stones, shells and candles which can give a feeling of tranquility.

Thinking Bigger
Of course, home improvements in a bathroom can involve much more than a quick coat of paint and new blinds. Accessories such as taps, clothes hooks and towel rails may be in need of replacement and it could be an opportunity for a new style. Modern sleek accessories could be replaced with ornate gold ones, or vice versa. New storage facilities may make a big change in the bathroom. Cupboards along a wall could take all the clutter that is currently stored on open shelves, making the room seem more peaceful.

More Changes Still
The biggest change would be to replace the bathroom suite. There is now a huge range of baths and basins available and installing a new suite is the complete bathroom makeover. It could be that the rest of the house has been updated into the twenty first century, or that the house has been restored to its original style and that the bathroom has been neglected somewhere in the middle. Installing a new suite can seem daunting but does not have to be, especially if the plumbing does not have to be changed. New tiles may be chosen to complement the new suite. Time should be taken to ensure that the right choice is made as the new bathroom will have to last for a long time. If the room is large enough, this is the time to consider installing a separate shower, or whether two hand basins would be useful for companionable mornings or evenings.

Keeping bathrooms looking good is often overlooked, because the room is small, but the small size means that decorating does not have to take long or be expensive whilst, if the budget runs to it, installing a new suite can give a completely new look.