Three Ways to Reduce your Heating Bills

The heating in our homes is an important part of keeping ourselves healthy. As well as keeping our homes at a comfortable and healthy temperature, our boilers also provide us with hot water to meet our hygiene needs.

When the boiler breaks down, it can be more than an inconvenience – it can be a real health risk. When this is the case, it is important to get a professional like this boiler installation Cheltenham based company to come out and if possible, repair the boiler, or to replace it with a new one if this is not an option.

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Modern boilers do tend to also be better at saving you money on your heating costs, but with these on the increase, there are lots of other things that you can do to keep your heating costs lower. Here are some ideas to help you…

Keep an Eye on the Thermostat – In the UK most people have a thermostat that is set at around 20 degrees Celsius – however, if you turn it down by a degree or two, your home will remain at a healthy heat, but it could save you a fortune on your heating bills. On days when the outside temperature is warmer, you could reduce it further – be aware elderly people do need to be kept warmer, as do small babies, it is recommended for these groups that the home should be no lower in temperature than 18 degrees Celsius.

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Check your Radiators – When it comes to radiators, they could be costing you more money. Check that the whole of the radiator is heating up. If it isn’t there is likely to be a problem with it, and it is not going to be heating up the room efficiently meaning that you are paying more for your heating. If the radiator is cold at the top, it most likely needs bleeding. Cold at the bottom means that sludge has probably built up inside and will need to be cleaned out by a heating professional.

Don’t block the Heat – Another thing that can cause you to spend more on heating is having radiators that are covered or blocked by things like drying clothes or furniture. If the area around the radiator is blocked, it stops the cold air moving in to be heated up.