Tips to clean the crystals and make them perfect

Do you want the crystals of your house to be perfectly clean? Then you cannot miss the tricks we tell you today. It is about giving the windows a basic and very easy care with which you will get them to remain untouched. That since it gives laziness to get to it unless the result is exceptional, do not you think?

We get to work to leave the crystals clean thanks to these simple tricks so that they are transparent and without any trace of dirt.

Home cleaners

If you want your crystals to be perfect, you can use highly effective homemade cleaners.

For example, mix three parts of hot water with one of white vinegar. Warm or hot water will help dirt to be removed more easily. Place your mixture in a spray bottle and apply on the windows and mirrors of your home. Then I tell you a trick to remove it also more effectively.

Another mixture that will help you clean your glasses is to combine three tablespoons of white vinegar, half of liquid detergent and two cups of water. Apply the same way with a spray and you will have an effective cleaner for your crystals.

Clean without scratching

A trick that will help you clean the glass without scratching its surface is to do it with newspaper. That is not new because in that case it will release ink and create other spots that we did not expect. In addition, this way of cleaning the crystals will help keep them clean longer, since the newspaper leaves an invisible layer that repels dirt.

In addition to not scratching, the newspaper does not loose fluff that may be given some rags you can use for this purpose, so the advantages of using it are many.

How to clean the crystals

We already have the product we want to use and the way to apply it, but what is the best way to clean the crystals?

If your window is quite dirty it is better to clean it from above and down with a moistened sponge, so you will avoid dropping drops. Then, wipe it with a cloth to make it completely clean and dry. Or the newspaper that told you.

On the other hand, a trick that will help you quickly find the area that has not been very well when passing the rag is to clean, for example, the inside crystals with vertical movements and those outside horizontally, so if you touch do a review you will know where the brand that we want to erase is.

Clean the crystals with starch

Dilute a small spoonful of starch in half a liter of hot water and apply these mixture in the glass with the help of a sponge. Leave to act and remove the remains, when it has dried, rubbing the glass with newspaper and vinegar.

How to remove lime stains on the crystals

Lime is a great enemy of our crystals, especially in the bathroom mirrors. To remove these unsightly stains, take newspaper paper again and rub the surface you want to clean to help remove as much lime as possible.

Next, wet another piece of paper and apply on the glass. You can do it with water, with vinegar as we saw before or with any of the mixtures between both liquids. When the glass is clean, pass a dry paper and, if necessary, pass a cloth to finish drying (avoiding those that loose fluff).