How to throw the most amazing house party

So, you’ve always wanted to throw a house party? Not just any house party. This has to be the party of the century! You’ve heard all the horror stories and are determined these won’t happen to you. Here are some top tips on throwing the most legendary house party of all time:


There is no party without snacks. People want something to fidget with when they first arrive, it breaks the ice and helps to line stomachs at the same time! The best party food includes crisps, popcorn, cocktail sausages, peanuts and more crisps. Empty bags into plastic bowls and you’re good to go.


When a house party occurs, people do tend to bring a bottle with them but if you’re taking this seriously, you need Gloucestershire mobile bar hire from  You’ll be the most amazing host that ever lived and the toast of the town.

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Mood Lighting

Nobody wants the main overhead light on, especially after a few too many cocktails! Everybody looks better and feels more confident when mood lighting is at play. Hang up some fairy lights or place floor standing lamps at vague intervals. You don’t want to be staggering around in the dark, but a little subtle atmospheric lighting will turn a gathering into a party.


Remember to have more than one focal point. Don’t have music in just one room and nothing in the rest of the house. To be able to talk, you’ll end up with everyone herded into the kitchen or the garden. Try to make a space on the edge of the music zone for mingling, relaxing and another area with seating, rugs and cushions for chilling. That way all your guests can find somewhere they feel comfortable.


Whilst this is optional, some of the best parties are fancy dress. It takes away the pre-party stress over what to wear by channelling the energy into finding a suitable costume instead. It’s a great leveller, can make shy people feel more confident and be sure to add a level of extra laughter and excitement to your event.


Always pre-warn your neighbours about an impending party and invite them if you can. They might be grumpy about it but if they know in advance, they are less likely to call the police on you or insist you turn the music off at midnight!

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If you want your party to get going at a specific time, then tell people it starts at least an hour earlier than you want it to. Everyone wants to be fashionably late and nobody wants to be the first to arrive, so you end up sitting and waiting for an age before the party gets going.


A small housekeeping point, but it will save you a major job the following day. Put bins out marked with what should go in them – cans, bottles, plastic and cups etc. While not very rock and roll, you’ll thank yourself the next morning!