What is a home buyers survey?

When you are purchasing a property, you need to find out as much as you can about it. The last thing that you will want is to discover an issue with the roof or the plumbing system some six months after you’ve bought it. You might also want to get a handle on the cost of running the place in terms of energy use. It’s something that you can discuss with your Conveyancing Cheltenham based company www.montpellier.legal/ as to what level of survey you will need. In some cases, like a new build or unfinished property, you’ll only need a level one.

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What do you get in a home buyers survey? First of all, you get a qualified professional to go around the home making sure that all is well with it. This requires specialist equipment to check for damp and internal issues. A visual inspection of the walls, bathroom facilities, ceilings, roof and any buildings outside that are of a permanent structure, like a garage or summerhouse, are inspected. Whilst outside, the inspector will also look over the guttering, windows, doors and any pipes.

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They’ll also include an energy efficiency report. Very important in this day and age. The most essential elements are subsidence and cracking of walls. The foundations have to be strong to keep your property in good condition.

To give everyone a clear idea of the seriousness of the issues, a traffic light system is used for each element reported on the survey.