What to consider when renting a home

When it comes to moving into your first home you may find that owning a property is not realistic and so renting is often the first place that people start. Renting gives you the opportunity to work with a Letting Agency Gloucester way such as TGRES to find a home that is suitable for your current situation and that is affordable, without you having to worry about having money behind you in case of repairs being needed to the home, as this is sole responsibility of the landlord – unless the damage is caused by you!

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There are a number of things that you need to think about when renting but here are just a couple to get your started.


Deposit – you will often have to give a month’s rent as a deposit and your first month’s rent up front, so it is important that you think about saving some money so that you are able to do this. In order to save enough money you might want to look at the average price of a home or apartment that is a similar size and in a similar location to the one you are hoping to rent. This will give you a rough idea of the rental price.

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Furniture – you can find homes for rent that come fully furnished and if this is something that you are looking for you will need to discuss this with your letting agent. Otherwise you will want to think about the kind of furniture that you need to buy and whether you will need to buy any white goods for the property or whether these come as a part of the rental.