Some of the things that can clog up your drain

There are plenty of issues that can come along and start to block up your drains. Luckily a CCTV Drainage Surveys company can use the technology to see what’s causing the problem so it can be dealt with.

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Heavy Rain from Storm.

Waterways can experience flooding during the winter season due to heavy rain. Since waterways are not really built to have the full effect of this weather, in many households water build-up can occur. In a ditch or gutter, when there is an excess of rain, there is a high likelihood that there is a blockage that needs to be washed through.

Blocked Water Channels from Damaged Pipes

Due to tree roots and general wear, water pipes may split. It becomes simpler for a clog to occur when a pipe begins to crack. It’s hard to diagnose this issue unless you can see the broken pipe. For this you really do need to have a look using the CCTV.

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Foreign Artifacts Clogged Water Channels

Things that can easily be dropped into drains appear to block the pipes. Whether they are small toys, bits of food, soap, paper or some other foreign items eventually this will all back things up. It may or may not happen purposely, but if you think it is happening, you may want to put a stop to it as soon as possible.

Drain Blocked from Installing Poor Pipes

Bad plumbing can create clogs of water that are costly. Even though the DIY method can save money and is a simple part of renovating a home, it is not recommended to instal your own plumbing. This can cause problems such as inefficient flow of water, broken pipes and expensive repairs later on.