How to Maintain a Wig

Wearing a wig is not recommended for someone who works out daily, because the sweat and dirt may cause damage to your hair system. Aside from this, if you want to learn how to maintain a wig properly, then the first thing that you should do is to learn about the different types of wigs and hair clips available in the market today. You should know how to take care of each type to avoid damage and loss if you choose to wear a wig for whatever reason.

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Some wigs come with hair combs attached to them, while others come with detachable comb, but the most common type that we see around is the one without a comb at all. The wig that comes with a comb is usually made from synthetic material like polyester. It has a synthetic finish to make it appear more natural. The downside of wearing a wig is that they can be high maintenance, uncomfortable and often tricky to look natural.

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Wigs made from real human hair are more expensive than synthetic ones, but they are also better looking and feel real. If you decide to use wig clips instead of a wig cap, it will help you maintain your wig longer since the hair system doesn’t fall off like it normally does when wearing a cap.