Planning your christmas gifts

Gift giving is a big part of Christmas and it is important that you start planning this with plenty of time to be able to search for the perfect gift, purchase it and wrap it before giving it or sending it to the lucky recipient. There are some great ways to set yourself up with a gift giving planner that will see some of the stresses of christmas shopping disappear.

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Before you start your planner it is important that you make a note of all of the people that you want to give gifts to and work out what your overall budget is for spending on gifts. This could be one of the harder tasks but it is important that you have an idea how much disposable income you have for the festive period. For some this could mean looking at what they have saved specially for the period and for others it could be working out what they have left after their compulsory spending in the few months running up to December.

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Once you have your budget sorted you should write down all of the people that you want to buy for and allocate an amount next to them. You will want to tier this a little and those people that are close to will often have more money spent on them that distant family or work colleagues. After this you can start looking for the gifts and this could be items that they can use in their hobbies or Ralph Lauren Menswear like the items that you can find at EJ Menswear or toys for the children.


After you have bought a gift you should note the price in your planner and if you have any money not spent from that person’s budget you can reallocate this to someone else.