How to Make your Living Room Work for You

We all lust after beautiful homes in the pages of magazines, but when it comes to our home, what looks fantastic in a magazine does not necessarily work in our house. One of the key things to remember when creating the perfect home layout is how to work with the room, we have not a room out of a magazine or brochure.


Here are a couple of ways that you can design a living room to suit its shape…

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Small Living Room – With a smaller living room, you need to make use of the space you have and use lighter colours and mirrors to create the feeling of space. One of the best things for creating a sense of space is natural light so let as much in as possible and add a mirror on the wall that faces the window to bounce the light around even more.

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Long Living Room – A long and thin living room can become narrow and claustrophobic if you don’t take care with the space. Separating the room using shelving as a divider is a good way to make it feel more spacious, and creating a feature wall with your television is a clever way to increase storage space – a professional like this TV aerials Cardiff based company will be able to move your aerial where you need it and then you can surround the wall mounted tv with bookshelves or ornaments to add interest.