What made people turn off in disgust?

Television has always courted controversy. Whilst the BBC and ITV have strick guidelines there was a time when they held dominion over the channels that we watched. The development of Independent Television in the 1950’s meant that the BBC were forced to up their game and ITV to be creative. Until Digital television this was the norm. As with then you still need a decent reception and a TV Aerial installation Bristol based company like http://aerial-installations-bristol.co.uk/ can help with that. Rather than see what made people watch in droves, what made people turn off ( and write to Points of View to complain about the use of the licence fee).

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  1. Kenneth Tynan said a swear word in 1965. A renowned critic and writer Tyna said a four letter word on the show BBC3. It caused questions in parliament and angry letters (no email back then) calling for the heads of everyone at the BBC.
  2. Ghostwatch. The BBC thought it had a winner when it broadcast this “live” TV show coming from a haunted house. Seasoned, respected Presenters Micheal Parkinson, Sarah Greene and Mike Smith hosted the show whilst Craig Charles provided comic relief. The problem was lots of people believed it was real and happening live. Some thought that they’d opened a gate to hell.

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  1. Tom Cruise jumping up and down on Oprah’s sofa. With the development of television North American shows started to arrive. One of the most popular was Oprah Winfrey but this opened up more chances for annoyance. In 2005 Tom Cruise went off message to jump on her sofa telling everyone he loved Katie Holmes.

I wonder what  those who wrote in made of Game of Thrones?