The beauty of the Cedar Tree

One of the most striking and beautiful trees that you can see in the British landscape is that of the Cedar tree. This is an evergreen softwood that is a wonderful addition to the any park or landscape due to its very distinctive shape, size and leaf cover, which it never sheds.

They are certainly a tree that requires a fair bit of care and this is where the work of Tree Surgeon Poole based operations Kieran Boyland is required. Here are some interesting things about the Cedar tree.

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  1. They make excellent wind breaks. Although you won’t find them in the garden, they grow too big, they are used in parks to deflect the fast flow of chilly winds. Because they don’t shed this windbreak is useful all year round.
  2. It is not difficult to grow cedar trees and they will offer elegance to any space where they have room to spread. The trees start from seed quickly, but need a soaking time of 48 hours and another month in the fridge, along with some potting soil in a zip lock bag. During this time, the soil must be kept moist.
  3. To avoid moisture loss and protect the tree, hold a 2-inch (5 cm.) layer of mulch around the tree but not reaching the trunk part. To avoid injury from mechanical devices too, it might be appropriate to use a wire cage. If you live in a very cold environment, protect young trees with landscape fabric cover.

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Once established they soon reach great heights and provide a fun an interesting talking point in the park.