What was said on the first mobile phone call.

The first mobile phone call was made in New York city in 1973. It was the result of a huge battle between two technology giants. The race to make a cellular phone was always going to be a tremendous push for success and AT&T and Motorola were going head to head to make it.

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Martin Cooper is the man who makes the phone call and he is from AT&T, The first phone was based on a radio and used the same and similar technology to that of a walkie talkie. Cooper’s first choice of call was easy. He rang the head of the research division of Motorola to tell him they invented one first. “I’m calling from a cellular phone!” he said with not a little bit of triumph in his voice.

The phone itself was the size of a brick and it only had about 40 minutes of battery life. However everything has to start somewhere and this is it. On that New York street the world was never going to be the same again.