10 things to know before you extend your home

There’s nothing worse than starting an exciting extension project, then having to put the whole thing on hold because of an unexpected snag. Let’s look at ten things you need to get sorted before you start work.

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1.      Your neighbour’s “right to light”

Your neighbour does have a right to get a reasonable amount of light into their home, but they can’t object to your extension simply because it spoils their view.

2.      WCs can go anywhere

The WC must have ventilation and it must have a wash basin in the same room, but it can go anywhere. Check out the building regulations at https://www.gov.uk/building-regulations-approval.

3.      Don’t make the ceiling too low

Ceiling height is no longer specified in the building regulations, but the ceiling needs to be high enough to accommodate adults without making them stoop. Don’t forget that people are getting taller!

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4.      Tell your insurance company

You must inform your insurance company that you are having building work done. Some insurers will suspend your insurance for the period of the work, but you can get a separate insurance policy if this happens.

5.      Give each room in the extension its own entrance

Try to avoid having rooms that can only be accessed through another room; it rarely works well.

6.      Conservatory conversion is tricky

You are likely to get involved in some complicated calculations about how much glass and how much brick is in the final building design. You will have to go to your local Building Control Department.

7.      Think about using the cellar

If you have an existing cellar that is ventilated, lit and planned properly, it can be turned into attractive extra living space.

8.      Remember to add bathrooms

If you are increasing the number of bedrooms, make sure you add at least one extra bathroom. Otherwise, buyers will be put off. Building regulations will apply, even if planning permission doesn’t.

9.      You will need to carry out the work under building regulations and get it inspected when you are finished. Make sure that rubbish is properly stored during the work; you can hire different sizes of skips from Swansea Skip Hire firms like http://www.pendragoncarmarthenshire.co.uk/.

10.     You need to wait 48 hours

Once you have notified Building Control of your project, you need to wait 48 hours before starting work.