5 Best Benefits of Hotels with Conference Venues

Are you organising a conference, or putting together plans for a large meeting or networking event? It takes time and considerable effort to plan a large corporate event. Did you consider how having your event at a hotel with its own conference venue could help it go much more smoothly? Here’s why hotels with a conference venue combined are great for business meetings, networking events, conferences, and trade shows.

  1. Event Management Assistance

Hotels with large conference venues are highly experienced in helping run events. If you experience any issues with technical items, or with finding the right size rooms for meetings or putting together a catering plan, the chances are the staff at a large hotel will be able to help you. Hiring rooms in a separate hotel and conference venue means you have double the amount of work to do.

  1. Professional Staff

Large hotels with conference facilities can depend on professional staff to give your event a professional image. For example, you can have on-site access to waiting staff, a concierge, receptionists, technical help with AV equipment, and much more. A separate conference venue may require you to hire your own staff, which increases the expense and also makes it more difficult to coordinate.

  1. Access to Admin and Conference Must-Haves

A large hotel with professional conference capacity will also usually have all the equipment you need for getting your conference up and running, and solving any problems you may have during the conference. There will usually be a business centre with access to printers and basic office tools, plus you can use the equipment you need to make the event a success including projectors, laptops, sound, as well as tables and chairs.

  1. Convenient Accommodation

When your event lasts two or more days it is much more convenient to have everyone staying on-site so you don’t have to worry about people getting lost on the way to the conference, or having to get taxis back to a different hotel at the end of the night. You can often get reduced rates on accommodation when you are hosting a conference at a hotel, which helps you to deliver a good value service to your delegates.

  1. Extra Amenities for Delegates

Staying at a hotel with conference facilities also gives your delegates access to other amenities that the hotel offers, for example a fitness room, laundry services, etc. Since everything is in one location it is easier for people to focus on the conference itself and not worry about the practicalities.