5 Home Invasion Dos and Don’ts

Your home is your castle and there is nothing more terrifying than having that sanctuary invaded by a burglar. You hope it never happens to you but hope is not enough to keep your family safe. We’re going to run down the list of dos and don’ts for a home invasion scenario that you can practice and share with your family should a situation like this ever arrive.

Don’t Go Looking For Fire
There are two types of people in this world, the people that run towards smoke or fire, and those who run away from it. You just heard the sound of glass breaking somewhere in the house. Don’t investigate the noise. You know what is happening and the worst thing you can do is just hand yourself over.

Do Pick Up the Phone
You should always have a phone in the bedroom or your cell phone nearby. The moment you hear anything amiss, call 911. Program your land line for a direct police number if possible and as soon as they answer give them your address and then tell them what the problem is. The instant the operator has an address they can dispatch officers so make sure you can get the information to them as soon as possible.

Don’t Just Stand There
If there is a safe exit away from the source of the noise, quickly and quietly gather your family and leave the house. This can be a garage or shed that is easily lockable and defensible.

Do Have a Plan
If you can’t get out of the house, you should have a pre-arranged room that your family can get to and lock in an emergency. If possible have a phone installed in that room as well and make sure everyone knows to bring their cell phone with them. If you own a gun and have adequate time to retrieve and load the weapon then do so. Under no circumstances should you inform the invaders that you are armed unless it is your last option. Forewarned is forearmed, do not warn the intruder of what he is up against.

Do Keep Calm, Take Stock, and Be Quiet
If you are confronted or cornered by the intruder do not aggravate the situation. Do not speak unless spoken to, say only what is necessary and do not argue. Pay attention to their clothes and features but never look them in the eye as it will be perceived as a threat.