6 Tips For Selecting The Right Keywords For Google Ad Words

Google ads are one of the most important medium of advertisement today. With the growing popularity of online marketing ad words have become one of the most formidable medium to direct traffic to one’s website and particularly in the case of B2C online marketing. In fact most of the websites get almost 95% of their search traffic from Google and therefore it makes more sense for people to use Google ad words.

Since people use Google a lot for their search queries, ad words are a medium to get paid listings up in the search results and therefore entice people to click on the relevant links. Here are few tips in selecting the right keywords to use as ad words for Google based marketing campaign, because choosing the right keyword can make or break the ad campaign.

1. Research the Competitors

IT is always a good idea to check out all the other players in the same business space. The competitors will also be targeting the same customers and hence might be targeting the same search queries. It is therefore an important step to identify the competitors and understand their keyword selection strategy.

2. Make a List of Target Keywords

It is important to understand one’s own business because the right keywords can only be selected once one understands one’s own business. It is also important that one has the right set of keywords to target and arrive at a useful and competitive list.

3. Use Google’s Tools

One can always create an ad words account. This is important since not only does it help the client manage the keywords and the bids but also helps in testing the keywords to evaluate the potential traffic they can direct to the website. This is important to use only the right potential high traffic keywords.

4. Take Expert Help

There are a lot of experts in the market who specialise in selecting and creating the right keyword based ad campaign. Taking the help of these experts not only saves precious time and effort but is also more cost efficient since one saves a lot of money that would have been otherwise wasted in targeting the wrong ad words.

5. Revision

It is important to not just stick to one list of keywords. Most of the successful campaigns are based on regular revision of ad words based on the feedback from the ad campaign report. This report supplied by Google or some expert can be very helpful in understanding the effectiveness of the campaign.

6. Always Focus on the Business

Giving random, unrelated and high traffic keywords may be rewarding in directing a large amount to web traffic to the website but it might not be useful at all since it will not lead to any relevant traffic and not be sustainable in the long run. Therefore it is important to select specific keywords that are relevant to the content that is provided by the website in order to ensure that the right of people visit the website and then refer it forward.