6 things you need to know about mobile SEO

Mobile devices have quickly become essential to modern lifestyles, both as a means of communication and as a portal to the internet.

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In fact, portable handsets have outpaced traditional PCs to become the most commonly used platform for web browsing, which means focusing on mobile SEO is a must for any site that wants to stay competitive.

Here are six considerations to take onboard when optimising a site to achieve a high ranking on mobile SERPs.

Traditional ranking signals still matter

Although it may be tempting to invest all your resources into examining the intricacies of mobile SEO, remember that the core tenets of search optimisation remain the same. A site must be interesting, relevant, well designed and packed with unique content to ensure that it is seen as an authority on the subject area you are targeting.

Errors must be addressed

Google, Bing and other major search engines judge sites on their mobile-friendly attributes. If flaws exist, even a responsive site might be flagged as poorly optimised, making it vital to check for errors regularly.

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Study popular mobile search terms

There is a difference between the way people search on desktop computers and how they search on smartphones and tablets. Optimising for mobiles means analysing common keywords and phrases and catering content toward them rather than resting on your laurels.

Optimise your apps

If you have a mobile app and an optimised website, you will need to ensure that any in-app content is crafted with a view to achieving a high ranking on internal app store search results. Keywords are important, although app store optimisation (ASO) has its own quirks to conquer.

Embrace app indexing

Modern search engines are also capable of indexing and making content from within mobile apps accessible, and capitalising on this to boost the visibility of your brand is relatively straightforward. This will also lead to higher levels of engagement, a growth in downloads and better conversion rates.

Adopt accelerated mobile pages

Google launched AMP to provide faster performance from HTML pages on mobile devices. While it may primarily be focused on sites publishing regular content, such as news stories, it is worth investigating for mobile SEO purposes.