5 more top tips to make your van secure

A van is a valuable piece of machinery. It may contain goods of an even greater value, and suffering loss or damage at the hands of thieves is both frustrating and costly. Ensuring your van and its contents are safe is key to protecting your assets. Here are five more tips to make sure your van is secure.

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Think about where you park

The majority of thieves are opportunistic. Where you park your van, especially at night, will determine how likely you are to be a victim of theft. Do not park your van where thieves can get access without being disturbed. Always aim to park your van in busy, well-lit areas covered by CCTV, even if you are only parking for a few minutes.

If you park your van at work at night, ensure there are suitable security measures. If you park your van at home, park on a drive if you have one and install gates, security lights and lockable bollards to ward off thieves.

Do not leave valuables in your van

The best way to protect valuable items is not to leave them in your van. If you need to leave stock or tools in your van, ensure they are placed out of site. Always remove what you can from your van, including expensive electrical devices such as satnavs and mobiles. Stickers are available to warn potential thieves that tools are not kept in your van overnight.

Lock your van

It may seem obvious, but never leave your van unlocked – this is an open invitation for thieves. To increase your van’s security, there are a range of different locks for vans available from suppliers such as http://www.vehicle-accessories.net/Deadlocks-Van-Locks.

Keep a record of what is in your van

Should the worst happen and belongings are stolen from your van, it is useful to know exactly what has been taken. An insurance claim will be made easier if you have an inventory of what was kept in your van. Security tags and liquids such as SmartWater will make it easier to trace items that have been stolen.

Make staff aware of van security

Put in place a van safety regime at your company and ensure all staff are aware of security measures. Regular reminders of the importance of van security will keep employees vigilant.