How to get the most from your web designer

Most business owners and managers have little knowledge of web design and are obliged to trust their web development team to put together a great website for them. Most web designers, on the other hand, know a lot about design and graphics and are keen to show off their talents to a wider audience. So how do you go about making sure that you end up with the website that you want, rather than the one that your designer would like to make?

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Prepare ahead

Before you sit down with your web designer you need to have a very clear picture of what you want your website to achieve. The purpose of your site is to attract visitors and keep them long enough for them to make a purchase, so think carefully about how you can best do that.

According to Econsultancy, the major trend for 2017 is for web designers to focus on giving the user what he or she wants. That means forgetting about the bells and whistles that so many sites feature, and instead concentrate on providing clear, timely and accurate information.

Put together a scrapbook of ideas, colours, themes and images that you feel relate to your business. This can be on paper or on a digital file, but make sure your designer understands your concept so that you can work together to develop it.

Speak out

It’s no good waiting until the site is almost finished to voice any concerns you have about the design. Ask questions if you’re not sure about anything, and provide plenty of feedback so that your design team understands fully what you require.

Whether you’re looking for great web design in Somerset or Surrey, you should always take time to view past work from potential designers, and check up on testimonials too, to make sure that you have confidence in your designer’s work. Successful web design companies such as will always be more than happy to provide access to previous work that they’ve done. They will also take time to explain anything that you don’t understand without blinding you with technical terms.

Every design process is subject to changes along the way, so don’t ever be afraid to speak out and voice any concerns you have before the website is finished.