Alternative uses for your dining room

Is a dining room practical in modern life?

Life is busy, and most British homes are squeezed for space. Handing over an entire room to the task of eating together as a family doesn’t fit with modern living.

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According to the Telegraph, only 20 per cent of families eat together on a regular basis. How can we capitalise on this premium space within the home?

Families will know that children and parents like to be near each other and within earshot. Therefore, the dining room is an excellent place for a playroom as it’s often close to the kitchen, so parents can keep an eye on the kids whilst still completing important tasks like making dinner.

Many of us are choosing to work freelance, and with employers encouraging working from home to allow employees to work more flexibly, the dining room may need to make way for a desk. Workspaces can fit into the corner of a dining room easily, freeing up the rest of the room for other uses.

Choosing furniture

In reality, this space may need to be multifunctional, and clever use of furniture can allow all of your needs to be met. Investing in a large table can enable this room to be multipurpose whilst still maintaining its original function.

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A table that extends can act as a workspace or craft table during the day and can be cleared and extended to be used as a dining table for special occasions. If you want to use the space as a play area, pushing the table to the wall when it’s not needed for dining creates more space and allows kids to use the table for crafting.

Choosing a chair that can look great when around the table or as an occasional chair is a good choice. The Lloyd Loom dining chairs ( are extremely comfortable but also provide a nice seat for reading, working or watching the kids play when the room is being used for other purposes.

It’s important to get this space right as a multifunctional space, so before you invest in any major overhauls, write down all the functions you will require. You can then plan more effectively and lay the room out in the best possible way.