Having more of the outdoors, indoors!

The healing power of nature for both our minds and our bodies is well established. People often take long walks in order to help them focus or sometimes to help them clear their mind. Stress is a very really problem in modern day society and anything we can do to reduce or even eliminate some of these stresses is very important.

Offices are a hive of activity and with more pressure on peoples’ time and performance, it can be hard for people to get out of the working environment for a short time during their lunch breaks. This is where it can help to create a calming space within your office building. Whether this is a dedicated staff area or even just adapting the desk and communal areas to bring more of the outside, inside. Of course, in order to be able to create a truly harmonious environment it is important that you keep everything tidy and organised where possible. For more information on office cleaning in Cheltenham it is worth taking a look at http://intocleaning.co.uk/services/office-cleaning/.

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But in the short term take a look at the list of office friendly plants below and see if you can bring some more greenery into your environment.

  • Peace Lily

This plant is great for filling in space. It’s beautiful green leaves also help to clean the air making it the perfect plant for office environments. It produces white hooded flowers and needs very little natural light in order to thrive.

  • Snake Plant

The leaves on a snake plant grow tall and by planting a few next to each other you can create a natural partition or barrier. Whether this barrier is between desks or partitioning off a particular area it certainly gives a calming feel. The leaves are two-tone in colour with dark green centres and yellow edges running along the length of the leaf. This means that they are a very eye-catching choice.

  • Spider Plant

Spider plants are often chosen for use in office buildings, reception areas and sometime doctors surgeries as these hardy plants are incredibly easy to maintain and grow very well indoors. They can be used to create some interest in the space and can be planted in pots or hanging baskets meaning that their display possibilities are endless.

The Parlor Palm is a variety of small palm tree and is one of the best options if you are looking to create a natural partition or barrier, perhaps to corner off a sofa or quiet area. This plant is also happy growing where there is very little light. Again, making it perfect for the office environment and it can also help bring a tropical feel to the chilly, dark winter months.

  • African Violets

These little plants are perfect for small desks and spaces and although they do require a little bit of looking after they produce some beautiful small flowers.