Reach the right audince, anywhere with the world wide web

If you have decided to expand your reach and want to capture audience interest overseas, you’ll need to tweak your online marketing strategies to make the most of global opportunities.

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Research Your Market

If you have specific global markets in mind that you want to target, make sure you understand these markets and how they operate before you try to sell your products to them. By understanding different markets, you can adapt your marketing strategies and brand message to fit in with their attitudes and beliefs or cultural variations, especially amongst age groups, genders and geographical regions.

Legal Implications

If you have an e-commerce site and want to attract sales from overseas customers, make sure that you aren’t flouting any laws related to products and product development, selling or advertising. This may even vary within different regions of a country. If you want to offer a discount or promotion to boost custom, bear in mind that sales tactics can also be subject to regulation in different areas. If you sell goods online, include currency conversion so customers can see how much they are paying in their own currency.

Consider Website Design

Your website may work well in your own market, but it might not have the same desired effect in other global locations. Work with a design expert to ensure your website is optimised for a global audience. Make sure the choices of colours and symbols that you use on your site are acceptable in your target markets and do not have any negative associations.

Language Implications

If you are targeting markets that speak a different language, consider getting your site professionally translated. Don’t rely on the translation software you can use online, as this will not take into account any particular nuances or colloquialisms. Try to make your content as local as possible and redefine your choice of keywords, as they may be vastly different from back home. Making sure your content is language-appropriate is crucial if you want to break into foreign markets, as any mistakes could damage your brand’s reputation.

If you use social media, think about how to reach your global customers using these sites. Also think about what your saying to your customers and the quality of your content. It maybe worth you looking at companies like Cheltenham PR who are sourced at sites including who can help with how you communicate clearly and positively.   It may be preferable to set up individual pages for each market rather than having one account to cover all your markets.