Bathroom Renovations are always the in thing

One of the simplest and quickest ways to improve your home and mental wellbeing is to undertake some changes in the bathroom. The bathroom renovations Dublin based firm are masters of the art and they are more than willing to discuss your plans. It is an idea to have a plan and this little piece can help you get a start, or at least some idea of a start, on what you might like.

First of all check that you are actually able to put in place the changes that you want to make. The reason I write this is that many buildings have certain restrictions in terms of how much water they use, no double headed showers I’m afraid, or even the amount of power output and the style. Therefore it’s a good idea to make sure that there is nothing in place that could cause a few issues later on.

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Now you know that there are no restrictions in place the next stage is to measure up the space that you are going to be renovating.  When the renovators call to discuss the plans you might have it will be extremely useful to them to have at least a semi accurate set of measurements. It’s amazing what you can fit in the space, but you must be careful not to want to much as the space could become swamped and unusable if you have too many things on the wish list. Therefore be prepared to sacrifice things. It might be an idea to have a must haves list and a nice to haves list just in case.

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Think about who the space is going to be used by. If you have a busy family then something hard wearing and splash proof is pretty much a given. Those marble and granite surfaces with gold chrome taps may look amazing now but can they stand up to the abuse a 9 and 6 year old can dish out when armed with toothpaste. It’s also worth making sure that other members of the household are going to be using this space so a quick consultation with them might also be advisable.

If you’ve chosen some pieces you like you most definitely need to go and feel and handle them. Looks can be deceiving and the last thing you’ll want is to find that those catalogue additions are not what you thought or they don’t pass muster to your touch test.

Finally get the accessories out. I’m talking towels, Mirrors and shower curtains. Don’t forget the decorations and wall art. A Maritime or beach theme is always popular.