You never know what you might find down the back of the sofa

Now consider your sofa. No, go on have a look at it. There it lies in the sitting room, the subject of countless abuse in the form of spillages of tea, coffee and ice cream, staining it beyond the realms of the abilities the scotch guard claims. Its no wonder it hides money and things from you. It’s like it has some strange kind of revenge plan. Can’t find the remote? The sofa has eaten it. Its wedged the remote in the cracks of the cushions never to be found again. It the same for Gloucester sofas, Scottish Sofas, Welsh Sofas the sofas of London and Manchester deep within their innards lies who knows what. It’s probably got so bad that you might be considering a new sofa. Why not pop along to to get you some new ideas. In the meantime, why don’t we have a look at some of the weird and wonderful things people have discovered down theirs.

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  1. A Wispa Bar. Not so remarkable you might think but as the Wispa chocolate bar was discontinued, despite its on-going popularity, at the time you might change your mind. It turns out the owner sold it on ebay for two hundred quid! There was probably two hundred pounds down the back in loose change as well.
  2. Forget £200 how about finding two thousand and five hundred dollars. That’s what a dental nurse did following a random rummage. The money had been missing, presumed stolen, but it seems like a back-pocket sofa monster got there first. Probably got tired of the nervous patient’s waiting for the Dentist and decided to strike back.
  3. Buy a sofa, get a cat free. A couple bought a sofa from a charity shop and decide to place it in the living room of their home. It was then they noticed it start to move and pulse. Slightly concerned the man approached the sofa with caution. Imagine his relief and surprise when a Cat stuck it’s head out and mewed for assistance. If it was trying to escape it failed. The owner saw it on a tv story and came to collect it. In another case a snake came out of a sofa. It had been stuck in the sofa for weeks and didn’t pull through.

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  1. We all tend to stick things behind the sofa in an “out of site out of mind” approach. It’s unlikely that the Michelangelo original was meant to be like that but that is where sat for a good part of the 1970’s and 80’s. Dating has indicated it might be from the famous artisan.
  2. A Well from medieval times. Almost as unlikely as me writing a portal to Narnia you might think. The Well wasn’t in the sofa but the couple who found it were sick and tired of a dip in the floor where the sofa sat. They ripped up the floor boards to find they had been sitting on top of a medieval Well. They even found a sword in it.

Beats an old sock I suppose.