Bored of your home since Covid how about some new windows?

Bay windows are incredibly desirable in a home. It’s not just the elegant appearance that makes bay windows highly sought-after; they come with a whole raft of other benefits, too.

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Space enhancing

Bay windows are clever at making a space appear larger than it actually is, with the wall seeming to be further away. Additionally, since bay windows are made up of three panels of glass joined together at angles, you get a protruding space that does actually give you extra room. For small rooms, bay windows are a boon.

Use for storage

The extra space gained from the bay window area gives you room to store items, whether you place a chest underneath the window, low shelving or add plants, books or ornaments. Many people make a feature out of this area as a place to sit, with inbuilt seating and comfy cushions, so they can admire the outside views from all angles.

Let light flood in

If a bright, light and airy room is top of your agenda, having bay windows will prove a godsend. According to HomeAdvisor, the angled construction of bay windows lets in light from multiple angles, whilst reflecting off each other. This makes them more efficient than traditional flat windows through the changing seasons.  You could even look at your attic space and developing it into a useable room, installing windows, getting your roof done by a reputable Roofing in Gloucester  business found at links like and enjoy looking at the incredible views.


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To improve the insulation attributes of the windows, it’s worth getting them double glazed. Choose a reputable window supplier, who offer double glazing..


The beauty of having bay windows is that they offer great versatility. Even if you don’t have this type of window, a traditional window can be transformed into a bay window. You can choose to have the window angles at 30 or 45 degrees, which are the most common options, or even 60 or 90 degrees. A 90-degree box window with a glass roof makes a fantastic place to grow plants, like a miniature indoor greenhouse.

Once you’ve got your bay window, you can decide what to do with the extra space created and can style the windows according to the decor of the room, with the choice of curtains, blinds or shutters, for instance. Different material types, such as wood or vinyl, are also available.

For anyone looking to sell their home in the future, having bay windows will be an alluring feature to prospective homebuyers.