Boilers don’t have to be a worry.

Where would we be without our humble boilers? They sit in the kitchen or wherever happily gurgling away and doing their job without any cause for complaint. If there is a problem then you soon get to know about it. There is no hot water for washing and the central heating goes off which, if it’s the winter time is a very serious issue. The best thing to do would be to consult a Boiler repair Gloucester comapny like but it can help if you can identify the problem before you ring. One thing that you should not do is touch the boiler or remove any panels. Only trained professionals can do this, especially as there is the presence of natural gas.

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Bleeding the Radiators. The only thing that you can be done by yourself to ensure the system is working ok is to regularly bleed the radiators by letting out any pockets of air that might have formed. A special key is used to open up the valves. If any air is in the system it will be released and as soon as water starts to seep out then you’ve done your job and to need to tighten it back up again. When you find that you radiators are partly or totally cold then the air in the system is the likely answer if they haven’t been used for a while.

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Sometimes listening to the boiler when it’s in full flight can help you diagnose the problems. You still should not attempt to fix it but if you can hear a banging or whistling noise there may well be air in the system, your water pump is failing or you are experiencing low water pressure. To relieve the knocking and banging you could try bleeding the radiators (see above). Pipes carrying hot water expand and contract naturally so there is no need to be too concerned but if you have any doubts contact a professional service to check. One of the most common is the sound of a kettle boiling. This is very common in hard water areas as it usually means there is a build-up of silt in the pipes restricting the water flow.

If you have any indication of low water pressure then it might be that you have a leak in the system somewhere. This may well be a valve has gone wrong and possibly been corroded. This sort of thing needs to be replaced and the services of a professional will be required.