Buying a climbing frame for young children and storage

Buying a climbing frame is a substantial investment. It needs to be beyond safe for your children; therefore, it is a big decision.

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Choosing a frame

What questions you should ask yourself before making a purchase?

– Do I have enough space for the frame to fit comfortably and safely?
– Is it safe and suitable for the children who will be using it?

Playing on climbing frames and other playground equipment is hugely beneficial for children of all ages. It teaches them about risk taking and problem solving, in addition to improving muscle strength and agility.

There are a wide variety of different climbing frames available, in a range of prices; however, if you are looking for something that will last, it is best not to opt for one of the cheaper brands.

Ideally once you have purchased your frame any extra accessories that come with the product will need to be kept safe and off the floor in your shed on garage shelving from companies such as

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A small and simple climbing frame is best for very young children; however, as they grow older – and taller! – you will be looking for something that will hold their weight and even grow with them.


Modular climbing frames are a great investment, as it is possible to choose from a large range of accessories. Your frame can be personalised to suit your child and the space within which it is to be sited. From climbing ropes to monkey bars, climbing walls, swings, slides and cargo nets, there are lots of accessories from which to choose. As your child gets older and more able, new accessories can be added.

Before installing your climbing frame, it might be an idea to consider installing a special surface. This is particularly important if you are choosing climbing frames for older children, as they are much higher. Rubber matting or wood chip will break a fall and reduce the risk of any serious injuries.

Wooden climbing frames are particularly popular, as they blend into the surrounding area. Choose a good-quality wood frame that has been weather treated and offers a 10-year guarantee against rot.

If buying a frame online, always check that it meets health and safety standards. It should be accredited to standards set out by the Royal Society for the Protection of Accidents (RoSPA) and inspected to ensure it meets the EN1176 Playground Safety Directive from Europe.