Can You Use a Laptop Desk in Bed?

Whether you use a laptop for work or pleasure, its flexibility means you can choose where to sit without being restricted. Unlike desktop computers, which are usually set in one specific area, a laptop allows you to do your work on the settee or browse the internet in bed. It can sometimes feel a little unstable, which is why using a laptop tray is the answer.

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When using a laptop, you may find that you are hunched over more than you would if sitting at a desk. By using a laptop tray you are ensuring that your laptop is at the right height level to prevent any unnecessary straining of the back and neck. Although many trays out there are quite low, there are specific bed trays which will sit at either side of your legs to allow perfect viewing when sat in bed.

Health Factors

Many people worry about the health effects when resting a laptop on their thighs. There are no known links to laptops being the cause of any particular health problems, but if you are male it is worth knowing that excess heat on the groin can contribute to infertility issues. By using a laptop tray you are preventing any possible damage from the heat emitted from the laptop and from your laptop overheating due to poor ventilation.

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There are many designs of lap tray to choose from, so if you have limited space, don’t worry. Trays with legs can be easily folded so they can slot into a small space. Others have additional features which can act as storage for your files or wires to keep everything you need together rather than getting lost in your duvet.

With such a large variety of designs out there, you can even personalise your own lap tray to reflect your personality. Companies such as allow you to design your own tray by adding text or a photo to make your tray look just how you want it to.


With styles to suit everyone, the comfort of using a laptop tray means that they are becoming more and more popular. So whether you want something basic or you want to go for a high-tech design with added features, you’ll soon be feeling the benefits.