Christmas Trouble

Panic! Stress and major catastrophe was reported today at Father Christmas’s work shop. Without wanting to cause undue worry in our readers it appears that there is a shortage of toys being produced by the elves! The ramification of this news is still filtering through, but the obvious effect is that there will be many children without presents this year as Father Christmas just will not be able to keep up with the demand.

Asked for comment Father Christmas has said, “I was rather hoping that more children would be naughty this year, but it appears that the youth of today has really bucked its ideas up and started behaving themselves. It’s a disaster for us to be honest and combined with the current issue in the factory it could not have come at worse time”.

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Elf Head of production Noel Jollycrackers reported the error as soon as it came to light. “Well, we’ve isolated the problem and it seems that a candy cane has managed to jam itself into the toy spilcermatic. The upshot of that is that there is no way we can add the mangle template into the playanator. Naturally that means the Imaginator 3000 really isn’t backwards compatible with the older machines, so the software needs to be recalibrated which could take until next Tuesday to align itself and that’s Boxing day”.

This shocking news was greeted with stunned disbelief. For example, Head of Elf and Safety Lamenta Brandystockings said “Uh?” and Union representative Peaches Tinselfluff claimed that Jollycrackers was “making this all up”. She further added that she had it on very good authority that a worker, a one Cedar Hollyfig, had seen the whole incident. “It was a case of the Splicermatic exploding. The lazy, slapdash management combined with the inability of the engineering elves to change a fuse or understand how to order a new part as they had split Mulled wine all over the manual and smudged the words so badly no Elf could read it meant that it going bang was inevitable. To make matters worse the lubricating Egg Nog has spilt all over the Christmas carpet spoiling its weave pattern”.

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Father Christmas is said to be too upset and until the carpet is professional cleaned he will not enter the workshop. Noel Jollycrakers has contacted the humans to come and sort the mess out as soon as possible in the hope that the machine can be fixed, and Father Christmas can return to lead the toy making as soon as possible. After finding an article on the Elf Internet about Carpet cleaning ( ), Noel Jollycrackers looked for Carpet Cleaning Cheltenham and went on to to ask them to come to the rescue. Thankful the crisis has now be averted and the carpets will be cleaned in time for Christmas.