Caring for loved ones with dementia

Understand your limitations – One individual can only do so much. Concentrate on the things you are able to do and do well and try to accept those you find more difficult.

Prioritising – When there are lots of different jobs to complete, it is always helpful to prioritise. Think about the things that are more important first and those things that are not as vital can wait. When you feel it’s time to get help, consider Dementia Care Homes Leicester at a site like Sanders Senior Living, providers of Dementia Care Homes Leicester

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Deal with your feelings – It is important to try to understand why you feel the way you do and accept the negative feelings you have. Others will feel exactly the same. Negative emotions don’t mean you’re a bad person, so being aware of how you feel can make it easier to cope and move on.

Talking about it – talk is often the first step to dealing with emotions. Talking can help you feel less alone and anxious. Keeping your feelings locked down is likely to make things worse. This is bad for you and the people you love. Speaking also provides an opportunity to put things in perspective.

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Talking to other caregivers – talking about your experiences with other caregivers can also be very helpful. You may be able to share advice and discuss your experience. It may also be easier to talk about your feelings with other caregivers because they understand what you are experiencing.