Contemporary Christmas Décor Ideas for Your Home That Won’t Break the Bank

With Christmas just a matter of weeks away now, many of us will be thinking about getting the decorations up, if we haven’t already.

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A report in PaydayUK suggests that the Christmas tree and decorations are one of the top five costs of Christmas. With modern and contemporary décor rivalling traditional trimmings in terms of popularity, here are just a few simple ways to decorate your home in a stylish and contemporary way that won’t break the bank.

Simple Displays

Bring windowsills, mantels and tables to life by creating simple yet stunning displays based on your own tastes and themes. Fill glass vases and jars up with brightly coloured assorted baubles, or take a more natural approach and use frosted pine cones or even winter berries to really bring an area to life. Surround your displays with some fresh winter foliage to complete the look.

The Tree

Think outside of the box when it comes to dressing your tree. Mix retro colours with contemporary themes, and don’t forget to add texture. Some interior design experts even recommend using things such as feathers in place of tinsel and garlands to add a contemporary twist. The modern white Christmas tree is steadily gaining in popularity over its traditional counterpart, and it’s not hard to see why. Teamed with crystals, glass and silver decorations, this is a sleek and stylish option that exudes class.

Natural Features

Beautiful houses are attractive no matter the time of year, according to, so use your Christmas decor to complement the existing features of your home, whether that includes some simple stockings on the marble mantle or a tree display in the bay window. If you are lucky enough to have a generous entry area, then you could even create your own nativity scene using a small table and an old table cloth. You can even enlist the children into making home-made figurines.

Advent Attractions

Advent calendars have come a long way in recent years, and creating a life-size Advent attraction in your home will enchant the whole family as well as make an attractive focal point. Use numbered bags to hold small gifts for the family using decorative ribbons and festive plants to add to the look.

However you decorate this year, have a fabulous Christmas.