Perfect Pout

Christmas is the perfect opportunity to take loads of great selfies. Every festive moment with you on your own getting ready for the big day or out with your mates is a great chance to put on your pout and grab your phone. If you want a sack full of likes this Christmas then here are some useful tips to get the most out of your selfie taking.

Try to angle your camera slightly upwards as a downward shot is going to be very unflattering. Nobody wants to see bingo wings, a double chin or what’s up your nostrils. Your face will always look rounder from a lower angle too.

Shoot from above at roughly a 45 degree angle to make the most of your festive features. This defines your chin and jawline and is more flattering as it makes you look slimmer.

Dim lights or a lot of artificial lighting is not the best for your Christmas selfie. Natural light is the best so outside is always preferable but if this isn’t possible due to those annoying dark winter nights then just make sure you don’t use your flash as that can make your forehead glare and give you red-eye.

Practice your pout. If you don’t practice then you run the risk of looking like a duck and not a Kardashian. A good pout will give you fantastic cheekbones but the bad pout will look as daft as Daffy Duck. Try saying the word ‘prune’ to give you an idea of how a good pout should feel.

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80 million users worldwide cheat when it comes to the selfie and use an app called Perfect365. If you feel that your selfies are just not cutting it then why not cheat too. This app allows you to correct make-up and styling and can also give you super long eyelashes. Click away those dark rings under your eyes and smudge out any spots. OK so it’s not totally realistic but it’s your selfie so who cares right? So click away and take the perfect Gloucester selfie while you party this Christmas. For more information, visit

Always check your background. A selfie that you share should not reveal any more than you want it to so check, for example, that your trouserless bottom is not reflected in the mirror behind you or the discarded fast food wrappers aren’t spotted on top of your bed! Check before you share in case something in the background might cause future embarrassment if shared with the world.

Make your Christmas selfies even more fun and memorable this year with a Christmas selfie prop kit. These will give you and your family a real giggle and include reindeer ears, elf hats, Santa hats and fluffy white beards. Christmas tree glasses, top hats, moustaches and jester caps. Get dressed up and put on your best pout as things get fiercely festive in your household.