Creating a tasty summer salad

You have just had a beautiful kitchen installed by a Kitchens Doncaster  company and want to invite your family and friends round for dinner but the summer weather has you puzzled as to what to serve. As an aside if like me you are looking for a new kitchen Go to Christies for kitchens in Doncaster.

Now back to the conundrum of what to serve. A nice summer salad is always a great choice in the warmer weather and you can match it with a beautiful dessert. A salad doesn;’t have to be boring. Take a look at some of these ingredient ideas to give some inspiration. When it comes to a salad pretty much any combination of ingredient goes.

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Lettuce and greens – the staple of most salads is lettuce or a similar green vegetable. Cabbage can be used as can watercress and spinach. Each one of these will bring a different taste and texture to your dish. Experiment with a different combination of each of these until you find the balance that you like the most. When it comes to serving these vegetables some people will prefer to cut them up and others will use the whole leaves of the lettuce as their own small serving items.

Tomatoes – tomatoes add sweetness to a salad and you can find a variety of tomatoes from small cherry tomatoes that you can add whole to your salad or perhaps the larger beefsteak tomatoes that you can dice to include. You will also find yellow tomato varieties available to give your dish a little more visual interest.

Cheese – the most popular cheese to include in a summer salad tend to be those that crumb and tear easily such as feta and mozzarella. You will often find these scattered over the top of a salad just before it is served to dinner guests and in the case of mozzarella perhaps little pesto dressing drizzled over the top.

Dressing – when it comes to dressing your salad there are a variety of different toppings that you can use from standard olive oil through to pesto, french dressing, caesar salad style dressing, a thousand island sauce or perhaps lemon infused oil. The choice will depend on who you are serving the salad to and the occasion.

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There are a whole host of other ingredients that you can include in a salad including cucumber, beetroot, cress, sweet corn, apples, peppers and walnuts. Have fun trying out new flavour combinations and in no time you will have a whole host of new ideas you can enjoy throughout the summer.