Designer Radiators: Making Your Central Heating Stylish

The right radiator choice makes a surprising finish to your home, whether you’re looking to extend, renovate or simply upgrade your existing decor. Thanks to a huge range of modern options, there are more shapes, finishes and styles than ever, and radiators themselves are still highly popular for heating homes.

Designer Radiators

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However, with the increased use of skirting and underfloor heating, manufacturers are now pulling out the stops to make radiators more of a statement piece, from art-led cutting-edge pieces to traditional and cast iron radiators.

Light Designs

Chrome finishes are great if you’re looking for a light and bright feel, and they can really lift a living space and make it feel more airy. You’ll find various colours and finishes, whether you want a dark grey chrome, a high silver effect or maybe a warm chrome.

Extra-Tall Finishes

These are very handy for freeing up wall space and have modern, simple lines. They are also great for smaller vertical areas, as long as there is a solid partition wall to hang them from. Another bonus is their excellent warming capacity for larger spaces.

Natural Finishes

Look for wooden cases that provide a very Scandinavian finish and look extremely on trend – great for a calm interior space and for something slightly different. You can find wooden finishes in different shades and with treatment or untreated finishes – from white birches through to dark oak shades.

Aluminium Models

Modern aluminium radiators look very industrial and chic and can provide a room feature all of their own. They are also very hard-wearing and excellent at conducting heat. You’ll find some good examples of aluminium radiators from Apollo Radiators.

High Art

Look out for radiators featuring designs and patterns for a high-art finish that doubles up as a design feature for your home. Some of these can be custom-made to suit if you have the budget.

A radiator installer can assess your space and advise on the best possible options available. Don’t be afraid to try something different, but remember to consider your overall interior design so that the ultimate radiator you choose either complements an existing decor scheme or sets the tone for it. Modern industrial radiators look superb, for example, but may jar slightly with a country classic interior, so always consider the broader overall look and feel.